5 travel websites you could emulate.

Overall rating of some of the best travel websites.

If you are placed on the verge of making your travel company’s website popular and profitable, you should try to emulate the famous websites. A comparative study of some illustrious websites will enable you to get a vivid vision about your company. Why sees if it is necessary to emulate a travel company? The answer is simple. You have to stay updated with offers and selling techniques offered by your competitors. Following are the five wonderful websites with their vision:

  • Booking.com is a famous online website and app that attract visitors from both the leisure and business sectors in serving their tour plan. It is an informative, user friendly website – that guarantees the best available cost effective prices. Their goal is to provide finest secured service to its travellers all across the world.
  • Cleartrip.com is an online travel website where any travellers can book flights for any destination. They impress the market with constant advancement and new apps. This year 2014 December Cleartrip.com introduced their Weekend Getaways which is an iOS and Anroid app that one can use and browse nearby destinations all from the palm of one’s hand.

  • Hotels.com is a website for booking hotel rooms online and by telephone. The company operates with 85 websites and in 34 languages. It has lists over 325,000 hotels in approximately 19,000 locations. Its inventory includes hotels and other types of commercial lodging. It is the value for money package deal for its customers.

  • Expedia.com is one more name in this travel industry which provides high quality service to its clients. It operates in more than 60 countries. They have competitive rates and secured booking techniques which can make the consumer ease out their travel booking. Dedicated travel consultants who assure the right travel plan within your budget and flexible payment system are the added advantage for the customers to hook on to this company.

  • Traverik.com (shameless plug) is the upcoming new travel company which aims to make your travel easy and comfortable. It ships with a user-friendly approach guide tour.  It is under a self- planning and booking tool. So the amusement and the experience of a traveller travelling through Traverik are pleasing and it surely adds a few more smiles and stars on Traverik’s account.

Based on these websites service and study, we have done the ratings for the company:

Some Parameters considered for Overall Rating:

Breakup of scores on parameters

So, if you want your company's website to stand out and measure up against the best in travel, 
you know where to learn from. Hope this post helps your team come up with something better.


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