Tailor-made Reporting Solutions for Your Business

Business intelligence that works!

Daily/Monthly/Annual reports & much more at single click.
A successful Travel Business depends heavily on efficient & accurate business reporting. But, reporting is different for Businesses that are small v/s large enterprises. Only at Moxiter, we understand this difference of business requirements!

You have access to custom-designed reports that suit your business.
A sample report is attached below:

Get only the reports that matter to your business. get rid of the junk data! 
  • Business Reporting
    • Number of Leads
    • Leads Conversion
    • Sales by clients/dates/destinations etc
    • Number of customers traveling in a single day
    • Turnaround Time
  • Financial Reporting
    • Sales Reports (Net sales, Margins/Markups etc)
    • Net Amount due/payable & much more..
Tell us your requirement and we get it done instantly!
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