Best Travel CRM for your Business that works!

Complete Automation that makes selling holidays a breeze
A successful Travel Business requires complete business & sales automation to stay ahead of the competition. Moxiter CRM provides complete automation for your Travel Business processes. It does that without forcing you to buy expensive plugins. (which you are forced to do especially when your existing CRM solution is found wanting)

All your queries via web/e-mail/calls become automatic leads. Leads that you can follow up and maintain a log of timelines and current status. A snapshot below:

CRM features for your travel business:
  • Contact Management Database
  • Workflow automation
  • Lead Capture Tools (Email and Web)- Completely Automated
  • Sales LifeCycle Management
  • Sales Automation
  • Task Assignment
  • Reporting
Get only the reports that matter to your business. get rid of the junk data! 
  • Business Reporting
    • Number of Leads, Leads Conversion
    • Sales by clients/dates/destinations etc
    • Number of customers traveling in a single day etc.
  • Financial Reporting
    • Sales Reports (Net sales, Margins/Markups etc)
    • Net Amount due/payable
Tell us your requirement and we get it done instantly!

Moxiter CRM is a powerful tool for businesses that are still dependent on Excel. You can continue to use excel as a calculator but it can never be a database. Time for a change perhaps?


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