How to choose the right software for your Travel Business

The days of manual quotations and spreadsheet-based inventory management for Travel Businesses (Tour Operators / Agents / DMCs) are numbered.  Travel Businesses that are aware of these issues stopping their growth are now focused on automating their business processes as fast as possible. With so many software options available in the market, it is a real problem to choose the right one for your business. Here is a quick guideline that can help you in choosing the right product and the right vendor for your business -

SaaS v/s Desktop-based Travel Software

  1. Know what you want:  Get the big picture right. Invest in software and technology that supports your business growth and helps you cut costs.

  2. Accessibility: 24x7 easy access to your inventory from anywhere around the world is a major pre-requisite.

  3. Functionality: Is it easy to use yet, powerful enough to handle large volumes of transactions?

  4. Costs: Cost to benefit ratio should be done carefully before going for any software implementation.

  5. Updates: Are the updates regular to ensure smooth functioning of the system? The update process shouldn't be a drag on your existing business and instead, be a support for expansion and growth.

  6. Scalability: System should be supportive when your business scales up. Staff training should be easy and not unnecessarily time consuming. 

When Travel is your core business, it is advisable to seek out the best software solution to supplement your business. A good software implementation is an important investment. It goes a long way in helping you expand your business, grow revenues and expand geographically. Businesses that are growing fast today just cannot afford to stay away from technology and still expect to survive the coming years with consistent growth.The time is right and your decision now will decide the future direction of your organization.

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