Want to set up your own BOOKING.COM

Are you prepared for it?

You own a Travel Business and now you intend to go online. You aspire to create something as good as Booking.com and have already started your work towards it.  Before you go ahead, Let's first break down Booking.com's business in numbers.

Booking.com in numbers
  • 500,000 room nights booked everyday 
  • 300,000+ properties are available
  • USD 1 Billion+ spent every year on Google ads alone!
  • 5000+ employees around the world.
These stats prove just one thing: Booking.com is the undisputed leader in Internet Hotel Booking. It spends a lot and as a result, sells more than anybody else. Owned by Priceline, it competes with its parent company, Kayak, Expedia, Hotels.com and many others. 

So what do you need to do before you go online?
Your answers to the following pointers should give you a fair idea of how prepared are you for the long haul ahead-
  • Know your core business. Technology or Travel?
    • Spending years on building a technology backend when alternatives exist isn't always the right thing to do
    • Get specialists to do your technology work.

  • Know your market to sell more!
    • Do you have an online market for your products ?
    • If yes, then create products that cater to your market specific needs

  • Do you have the best rates?
    • Be prepared to spend time and money on contracting 
    • Get the right technology to optimize your contracting

  • XMLs do not always give you the best rates
    • XMLs involve multiple layers meaning higher rates for you
    • You cannot negotiate rates with the hotels/suppliers
Creating a successful Travel Business becomes a breeze with right partners. Technology is the core when it comes to setting up an online portal. Right technology platform should make you worry-free without burning a hole in your pockets. Once you have decided upon the answers to the questions above, the next step is to select the right technology partner for your long term plan. 

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