4 things to do in 2015

At the outset, let me wish all of you a very happy, prosperous and great new year 2015. Its been a good 2014 for travel industry, in general, and we definitely want 2015 to be only better. 

At Moxiter, 2014 brought us a great deal of learning, joy of highs, strength for bracing the lows and overall a good year by any standards. In 2015, we will be using the insights and focussing our energy on following key areas.

Sales :  The most important department in any startup. While past year was well spent on product development and understanding the market, in 2015, we will be channeling all our energy and resources towards sales. As they say, everyone is in sales and we will be living by that.

Customer success : We are a young company and in the limited experience that we have had, we understand the meaning of this term like no other. Moxiter is fortunate to have clients who have been more like partners than customers and we owe a great deal to their support and encouragement. 2015 is when we show them the gratitude. Going forward, we are totally committed to the success of our clients.

Team and Culture Building : We are building an A-Team at Moxiter and throughout the year, will be looking out to onboard the best of best. If you think, you are an A-player and can contribute please do contact me. Couldn't stress more on the importance of culture. Thankfully Dharmesh from Hubspot has provided us with enough convincing and motivating content on this. [:-)]

Fun : Lets not lose focus from having Fun in 2015. After-all, that was the only reason to startup. 

Once again wish you a very happy new year. Stay tuned for frequent blogs from me.


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