4 ways to increase sales in 3 months

In this competitive era if you are a tour operator and always on your toes to increase your sale, try out the following tips for a smashing peak within 3 months.

Customers are God for your organisation so provide them service which satisfies them and assure them the best available deal which is cost effective. Extensive use of the internet can channelize your business for an increasing sale. The first step towards this is to create an account with Google Adwords and promote a particular destination through Adgroup. The ad should highlight your key service every time when the customer seeks information with the prescribed key words.

Customers will come to you if they are convinced of your service which not only saves money but always encourages them to explore a new destination. In this world of dependence customer seeks service which is stress free and hassle free. Your role should offer the best possible accommodation and food for them. You have to be an expert travel encyclopaedia so that any queries from the client can be taken care of.  Though this information can be easily accumulated from the internet but a well versed travel operator has more impact on the potential customer.

Customer will come to you if you negotiate and offer sensible pricing. Go for a chart for seasonal pricing, peak pricing and last minute pricing. The key to be in a position to implement smarter pricing and yield management is thus to have the tools that enable you to quickly and flexibly update your product pricing as per your requirement.

Use Technology : 
Using a Destination management software or Backoffice automation like Moxiter can increase your operational efficiency and save you money in areas you didn't know. Add to that, most of these softwares come with a distribution engine which can help you distribute your inventory across wider agent networks.


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