7 strategies for Tour Operators to grow 2.5x in 2015

Grow 2.5x in 2015 (img:src)

With the beginning of a new year your agenda would definitely be to increase sales. 
Focussing on the right tools can help you lead the competition and achieve your goals.

Attend trade shows: Experiencing the art of knowing and exploring different trade values can be a key tool for your growing organisation. Most of the trade shows are focussed on B2B deals, it is a good opportunity to connect with buyers and sellers. So, if you want to expand in a new territory, finding partners can be a lot more easier among peers who are attending the same trade show as you are. But you will have to keep a tab on which trade-show to attend and which ones to skip.

Scout for Channel Managers:  This might be the most obvious strategy for most of you. If you want to increase sales, just increase the reps, increase the channels. It follows the basic unitary principle taught in junior Maths class and it works out almost always. Hiring good channel managers can impact your sales numbers in matter of weeks.

Replace your old Technology: Technology is evolving each day. Keeping track of the latest software can open up unexpected opportunities for your business.. This is specially relevant in travel as technology has not touched this industry as much as it has some other like manufacturing, for instance. New technology could help you find better leads, high worth clients or automate your entire process. Chances are you might end up saving on annual IT bills on switching vendors. This becomes all the more true with newer and better tech providers in the market.

Get a travel CRM:  One of the key tools for your organisation is the travel CRM. The role played by a travel CRM is pivotal as it manages interactions with current and future customers which helps in organising, automating, synchronising sales, marketing and customer service. You see, we have listed all the stages in a booking cycle and that is why this is what makes it a key software for any business to have. The better your team uses and maintains CRM, the better is your growth.

Analyse Customers’ Choice: As your organisation is customer oriented so it is mandatory for you to keep a track about your customer and about their preferences. Any query and feedback helps you to rectify your shortcoming and also provide you the opportunity to tempt the customer to avail the offer pitched by you.

Promote your USP: Highlight your USP to position your company at a different level than your competition. It makes the customer convinced about the service and the value of your product. A delighted customer will always come back in future. Promoting your USP also helps in winning referrals as your satisfied customers don't have to put in effort while describing your values. Its already on their minds.

Price it right: Pricing is very important for any DMC. Right pricing should justify your service and product so that your assurance towards profitability is more. Even a small increase in price can bring dramatic change in your sales. By Pricing, I don’t mean just your margin, you also need to take care of currency conversion factor. Far too often, travel businesses rely on manually updated conversion rates which marks up your inventory by upto 5% as compared to businesses who depend on automated real-time exchange rates. So the key to correct pricing is to factor in all the parts that go in it.


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