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Adopt Modern Technology to scale your Travel Business

   You have a successful business and except for the finer day to day challenges, there are not many glitches in operating you travel business. But have you thought how much you have scaled your till now and how that has impacted your revenue growth. How much more business are you doing compared to the last season. How good a competitor you are, when compared to your peers and other online set ups. Do you empathise with the bandwagon that is vocal about how advent of OTA’s has impacted their travel business and how a large portion of travel queries are from 'window-shoppers' for comparing quotes from online players?

If you are thinking now, it would be better to start thinking about a technology support that can be the back-bone of your travel business. Every operator is unique and so are their needs and business models. The functional areas differ from B2B to B2C; from operators selling Hotels to packages to airline ticket. So the system that you choose for yourself should be unique and best suited to your business model.

When I say 'go online', the first thing coming to your mind would be a website that featuring all the travel products that you serve but is that all you need? No, you need something much broader, much better and something that understands your business as good as you. Bring yourself to the stage where modern world sees you as artists/designer of travel dreams versus petty booking agents. And the secret sauce for that is a robust modern travel technology that helps you manage your contracted inventories, suppliers, external agents and your customer’s requirements. Considering various factors and benefits and several face to face discussion with tour operators, I'm summarising a few pre-requisites for a similar solution for your travel business outlook:

  • Adaptability
  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Security
  • Costing
  • Support availability 
Adaptability – The Travel Technology Solution for one, should be highly adaptable and should require minimum infrastructure at your end. Cloud based or SAAS should be the first priority for any small and medium sized operator. This needs minimum infrastructure and upgrades are done automatically with minimal downtime. Also consider the time taken for training and adaptability of the system by your existing employees.

Scalability and Flexibility - The one reason for adopting a system is to scale your business. Is the software compatible for the new requirements as business grows? You may choose an indigenous system that meets your immediate requirements, but would you bet on it 3 years down the line against this highly competitive market? Will the system be capable of carrying out the desired operations? Make sure to choose the system that is created by experts and gets upgraded according to the needs of the hour.

Security - How secure is your software stack. You know as a travel agent or operator how many years of hard work and relationship building went in getting those contracted rates. Do you think the data is stored in a hacker-proof server leaving no loop holes for any unwanted events. Make sure that the system provider guarantees the best security and data backup options.

Costing - The most important question lies here - What is the ROI or return of investment if I adopt a system? The system should not burn a hole in your pocket and should be capable enough to meet all the requirements without creating an immediate financial burden and should give options to scale feature wise as your operations grow.

Support - You really do not want to wait for a day for someone to come and fix the system while you miss on prospective business. The support should be round the clock and you should have a rep at your beck and call to make sure you do not get stuck listening to IVR melodies.

The system that you choose should not be aimed at changing your strategies or shift you from your current style of business. It should help you in betterment of your existing process and help you streamline your operations to a high profitivity level. It should be scalable and must have 24x7 support from the supplier.